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Saint Henry School is a Diocesan, State, and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) approved parochial elementary school in the Diocese of Nashville, Tennessee. Saint Henry School received state approval in 1969. Saint Henry received Southern Association Approval in 1998-1999.

Saint Henry School enjoys membership in the following organizations:

  • Catholic Diocese of Nashville
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
  • Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS)
  • National Catholic Education Association (NCEA)
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)


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† MISSION STATEMENT: Saint Henry Catholic School strives to build God's kingdom through prayer, academic integrity, and service to others.

† MOTO: Educating for Life, Guided by Christ.

*687 students (633 grades K-8; 54 in state-certified 5-day, M/W/F and T/Th Pre-K programs)
*3 classes per grade for K-8
*Administered and staffed by the Dominican Sisters and Laity; continual faculty education committees to support student enhancement
*Over 50% of teachers hold Masters Degrees

*Catholic Diocese of Nashville
*Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) since 1998
*Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) since 2008
*National Catholic Education Association (NCEA)
*Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

*Average 25 students per class; three classrooms of each grade K-8
*Largest Catholic Elementary School in the Diocese
*Dynamic academic core (Religion, Mathematics, English, Literature, Reading, Social Studies, Science) and enhancement subjects (Computer, Art, Spanish, Library, Music, PE)
*Advance academics represented through Mathletes, Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad programs
*Resource and Speech programs available to accommodate and promote learning and advancement

*Computer labs, computers in each classroom and in the library
*Wireless Internet throughout the school
*Ipads and SmartBoard technology utilized
*Junior High laptop lab (6-8)
*Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, Kitchen of the Mind (visit SHS website) programs

*Students attend mass on Wednesday, first Fridays (Adoration, Benediction), Holy Days and Faith Rally
*Sacramental preparations: Second grade - First Communion, Reconciliation; Eighth grade- Confirmation
*Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (Grades PreK - 2nd)

*Year-round character and virtue-forming service programs, opportunities and activities
*Athletic Program (basketball, cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, soccer, volleyball)
*Wide range of parent volunteer opportunities

*Tuition assistance and parish subsidy available

*Science Olympiad students placed top in state
*In the last 10 years, SHS graduates have been awarded Valedictorian, Salutatorian at Saint Cecilia, Father Ryan and John Paul II High Schools in Nashville

*School begins at 7:55 a.m. with opening prayers and dismisses at 3 p.m.
*Before school and extended after-care programs available
*Late pick-up (3:15-3:50) available for an incremental fee
*Staff-administered drop-off and pick-up
*No bus service available
*On-site clinic with school nurse
*School uniforms are worn by students
*Mascot – Tiger
*School colors – Black and Gold


Founded in 1957, Saint Henry School is an integral part of the Saint Henry Parish community. School began with 196 students with 2 laywomen and 4 Dominican Sisters in grades 1-8. A kindergarten program was added in 1971. At this time the Home and School Association was also established. Portables were added throughout the 1970's and 1980's to accommodate the tremendous growth in enrollment. Due to this growth, a capital campaign began in the spring of 1993. Ground breaking for this estimated $6M renovation and addition took place on October 24, 1994. On September 5, 1995, students were welcomed back to school in the new Saint Henry School building.  In August 2008, a Pre-Kindergarten program was added.


1920's-30's The Rustic Tavern roadhouse restaurant sat in the front corner of Hwy. 70 and Vaughn's Gap Road.
Early 1950's Cattle were grazing and horses were roaming on the Goode family farm.
1952 Mr. Henry Neuhoff purchased the Goode family farm. The taxes were $20.00 and went up to more than $300.00.
January 15, 1953 James Gallagher, Jr., Charles W. Geny, Hayes Hartnett, Philip Kerrigan, Jr., Henry Neuhoff, Edward Potter, Jr., Donald Ross, and Arthur D. Woods met with Bishop William Adrian about the need for a church in the west part of town.
December 29,1954 Mr. Henry Neuhoff deeds 16 acres, for a church and school, to Bishop Adrian and the Diocese of Nashville.
April 11, 1955 In the 2 years since the committee had first met the bishop, it had been laying the groundwork necessary to start a parish. The census was completed and it was determined that the parish would include about 225 families. Crabtree and Taylor were the architects chosen by the bishop.
June 10, 1955 Bishop Adrian named Msgr. Joseph Siener pastor of St. Henry.
St. Henry was a German king born in 973 and died in 1024. He built a number of churches and monasteries.
The total cost of the actual church construction was $700,000 of which half had to be collected before construction could start. The school costs were an additional $450,000.
September 1955 Thus far, $400,000. had been raised with an additional $200,000 in an anonymous gift. Common knowledge or at least speculation says that this gift was from Mr. Neuhoff.
April 4, 1956 Ground was broken for the new church and school.
July 21, 1957 Bishop Adrian comes to lay the cornerstone for the church.
August 29, 1957 St. Henry School opens with 196 students registered in grades 1-8. Six classrooms were used with 2 lay women and 4 Domincan Sisters as teachers.
Sister Inez, the first principal, taught 2 grades in one classroom.
On Sundays, the Church was in the school.
April 21, 1958 St. Henry Church was dedicated.
1958 School opened but still lacked some furnishings and equipment. A carnival fundraiser was begun with a spaghetti super in the evening.
1960 Ten rooms were in operation with one being added each year. Enrollment was 292 students.
1961 A Mutual Benefit dinner and drawing became the fun raiser event. Tickets were $100. a piece.
1962-63 A building boom began around St. Henry. Warner Park Valley subdivision, nicknamed Vatican Valley, began development. Nearly 400 homes were to be built, valued from $18,000.-24,000.
Mr. Neuhoff transferred, to the diocese, the deed to an additional 64 acres (south and west of St Henry).
November 1964 The first English Mass was held at St. Henry Church.
1965 Enrollment in the school was 375 students in 13 classrooms. Construction began on 6 additional classrooms, a gymnasium, and a new cafeteria.
1969 The first School Board was formed.
By 1970 More than 400 students were in the school and the parish membership was more than 500 families.
1970's Almost 600 students enrolled in 19 classrooms and 2 trailers. Five Sisters and more than 20 lay teachers staffed the school.
1971 The Kindergarten was added.
1972 The newly built Parish Center was opened in June of 1972.
1974 The school carnival along with a bazaar was back as the fundraiser.
1975 Tom and Judy Connor were the first presidents of the Association of Parents and Teachers. Five years later the carnival, flea market, and spaghetti supper nets $10,000. which bought the school fresh paint, audio visual equipment, and playground equipment.
1978 The St. Henry School band began.
1970-80 St. Henry Parish grew from 500 families to 1800 families.
January 1991 Father Michael Johnston was announced as the pastor of St. Henry Church.
1992 Plans for renovation and additions to the school were formulated.
February 1993 Fund raising kickoff for the school renovation began.
October 1994 Ground breaking ceremony for the school renovation, which included a new building with 18 classrooms, a new gym, along with the complete renovation of the entire existing building.
September 1995 The new school was dedicated with a special Mass. School opened with 645 students, 38 faculty/staff, and 4 Dominican Sisters.
March 2004 The Journey of Faith church fundraiser kickoff for the building a new church.
November 2004 The groundbreaking ceremony took place for the new Church, Chapel, and Fellowship Hall.
November 2006 Special dedication ceremony with Bishop Choby for the new Church and Fellowship Hall.
February 2008 Groundbreaking for the new library.
A new Pre-Kindergarten program was added.
A new playground was installed.


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Mission Statement:  Saint Henry Catholic School strives to build God's kingdom through  prayer, academic integrity, and service to others.

Motto:  Educating for Life, Guided by Christ


To advance this end, the school is committed to the following:

  1. A Christ-centered atmosphere that fosters a love of the Catholic faith, for life, family, and country should be provided in which each student can learn, achieve, and succeed to his or her potential.

  2. Catholic Doctrine should be modeled and taught daily and permeated throughout the curriculum.

  3. Symbols of Catholicity should be visible and students should be given time to pray communally and privately.

  4. Students should be encouraged to respect differences in culture, creeds, origins, and people because each person is made in God's image.

  5. Students should be prepared for the challenges of the future as well as the duties of good citizenship through the development of character and leadership in order to serve the Church, community, and our country.

  6. The uniqueness and dignity of each student should be valued and a spirit of cooperation, support, and mutual respect among students, faculty members, and parents should exist in order to fully develop the spiritual and educational needs of the student.

  7. A standard of high expectation, a disciplined environment, and quality programs in the academic disciplines and fine arts should be provided to enhance student performance.

  8. A safe environment should be provided in which students are trusted, given responsibility, and encouraged to contribute their ideas for the common good of the school, parish, and society.

  9. Programs of health and safety should be provided, as well as physical activity that encourages fitness, a sense of fair play, and the discipline needed to participate in cooperative play.

  10. Instructional practices should incorporate learning activities that recognize the different learning styles.

  11. Students should receive special services within the limits of the school's resources.

  12. Students, faculty members, parents, and parish community should share the responsibility for the support of the school's mission.



Saint Henry School is a Catholic parochial elementary school. Its philosophy is derived from the application of fundamental Catholic teaching.

The aim and content of our educational program considers not only the child's mind and body but also, and most importantly, his/her immortal soul. To form true and honest Catholic Christians who will live in this world in such a way as to enter the happiness of heaven is surely the aim of Catholic parents who have the first and greatest responsibility for the education of their children. Saint Henry School is committed to supporting this fundamental task of parents through a school program aimed at providing spiritual, educational, social and physical opportunities for students to grow and explore their gifts, talents and responsibilities of service to the wider community.

Aware that the educational process is not simply a human activity, but a Christian journey toward the Triune God, students are encouraged to recognize God in the sacraments, in doing His will, in one another, and in the everyday simple tasks which they perform.

In its efforts for quality education, Saint Henry School strives for excellence in both its students and its faculty. Relying on the grace-filled cooperation of all, Saint Henry School aims to be the kind of school that provides for the Catholic education of the child in every aspect of his/her growth and development.




Faith Rally 2014  "Do Whatever He Tells You".  John 2:5

Saint Henry School thanks Pope Benedict  (included in the March 1, 2013 Tennessee Register issue, pg. 22)


St. Henry School holds Faith Rally (Tennessee Register  February 14, 2014)

Jersey Night (Tennessee Register August 30, 2013)

5th Grade Students help school hit by tornado  (Tennessee Register October 12, 2012)

Honorable Mentioned awarded by ExploraVision  (Tennessee Register May 25, 2012)

Mr. Knoop Christ the Teacher Award  (Tennessee Register March 4, 2011)


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A New Family Experience
by:  Jennifer and Dan Shoemaker, parents

“I Will Follow”

Where You go I’ll go
Where You stay I’ll stay
When You move I’ll move
I will follow

Moving is a wonderful exercise in experiencing providence but experiencing that providence every few years is hard and has made us humble in many ways and maybe most of all, humble to God’s plan. 

There are surely challenges much greater than being transplants and we’ve been blessed with countless exciting opportunities thanks to our transient life, but it is always tough to be the new family. But it is through starting over again in new towns, states, countries and of course, lots of new schools, that we’ve been witnesses to God’s plan for our family. To see the grand design that He has for us (one we’ve admittedly sometimes argued with and fought against) as it is being unfurled. And it is also in those early, difficult, and uncertain days that we’ve found God’s loving grace. 

Whenever we arrive in a new home, I’ve prayed for new friends and asked our friends to do the same. And those prayers have been greatly answered at St. Henry. We’ve been the beneficiaries of much friendship and love.

Saint Henry School, knit together with generations of families, teachers and staff, is filled with unofficial patron saints of new families. They are too numerous to name, but some have been really outstanding in their kindness. Donna Roach welcomed my sixth grader with open arms (and a camera!) on the first day of school, introduced him around, and included him in a group photo. Janie Sizemore always seemed to sense when my mornings unpacking a sea crate were simultaneously too quiet and too hectic and would call to check on us. Mrs. Forte suggested native Nashvillians seek out families new to Saint Henry at back to school night. Mrs. Nolan and Mrs. Hoback took my pitifully lonely first grader, longing for her classmates an ocean away, and helped her find dear friends. Ms. Coode cheerfully greeting all my children by name might seem a small thing to her, but when you’re not sure if anyone knows you, it means so much. And many Saint Henry children echoed those loving kindnesses and welcomed us all and made us feel that we belong in our new home. There might be no greater gift than feeling at home.

If you have to be new, you won’t be new long at Saint Henry. You’ll be swept into a lively, active faith community that will bring you much joy. 

Seeing God’s grace and plan in action can also give great confidence. Whether or not we’ll be Tigers for many years, I feel sure that Saint Henry has created a lasting imprint on us. We are already enriched by its community and the service of its members to each other, and I have great faith that we’ll replicate the spirit of Saint Henry’s wherever we are - with a keen eye and open arms to those who are new. 

A Gift of Thanks
by:  Kim Derrick, parent

St. Henry means so much to us, and what I mean by “St. Henry” is the entire community of people. Our good Shepherd, Father Mike, has been such a pillar of strength, humility, and love to our family. Sister Ann Hyacinth has been the nurturing mother, always having the children’s best interest at heart.

When I think of St. Henry, I think of a place where learning the ABCs and 123s are just a fraction of what we are paying for. Sure, education is the key to success, but what we are really paying for has no value at all, and that is the environment and the community of people which encompasses St. Henry. My children have a security that is not found anywhere else.

Another invaluable part to St. Henry is the Dominican Sisters. Sometimes, they just simply take my breath away. Their presence alone is a window for our children to look through to see the love of Christ. This year one of our children is fortunate to have a Dominican. He is in complete awe of her. He has something exciting to share with our family nearly every day. He has this new work ethic and perseverance that I have never seen in him. He wants to please her, and not out of fear, but out of love.

The thought will cross my mind at times, that we are in over our heads, and we are crazy for trying to afford a private education for our family, and in the same breath I am reminded of all that St. Henry is and that the rewards for our sacrifices will be seen as the years go by, as our children continue to grow and pass on their Faith to others. We are not paying for a private education, but a catholic education.

I am so thankful for the gift of St. Henry in our lives. May God continue to bless the mission of the church and school, and may we continue to be eternally grateful for all that they are.

Thank you
by:  Denise Beaty, past parent

For 20 years we have been at Saint Henry School watching our children learn, grow in faith, and become wonderful children of God.  Saint Henry School formed them to be strong confident people and we are proud of our children.  We are grateful for the role that Saint Henry has played in forming their lives.

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