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Saint Henry School is a parish elementary school supported by tuition and the contributions of the members of the parish. The primary purpose of the school is the development of the spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, and physical potential of the children of Saint Henry Parish. Registered, contributing parishioners and currently registered students will be given priority over other applicants for admission. A contributing member is one who is registered, participating, and financially supporting the parish by using the envelope system on a regular basis. Applicants for admission will be given priority in the following manner:

  • Current registered students who continue to meet school standards and siblings

  • Registered, contributing parishioners of Saint Henry Parish.

  • Registered, contributing parishioners from other parishes.

  • Non-participating or Non-Catholic students.

Ordinarily, all children of Saint Henry parishioners will be admitted to school after completing the registration required by the school office. However, some general conditions for admission include, but are not limited to, current class size, academic history, behavioral history, and special learning needs. All records must be submitted before final approval of acceptance is given. The administration holds the right to require assessment for entrance into its academic program. All students must meet school standards.

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Click here for the admission process for the 2017-2018 school year.



The pre-kindergarten program will follow the same procedures as stated in our school admission policy. 





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The following ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS are required for admission:


  • Presentation of an original, official birth certificate

  • Baptismal certificate

  • Academic and all other pertinent school records. The family must provide evidence that the student is in good standing at his/her prior school, showing satisfactory achievement in conduct, effort and the academic subjects. It is the responsibility of the principal to make decisions concerning the acceptance of applicants.

  • Immunization and other health records

  • Psychological evaluations and/or Special Education records

  • Confirmation of Parish Registration and a signed Subsidy Card for all Catholic applicants


If class size requires a waiting list to be established, the list will be generated for each grade on a first come - first served basis, based on those families meeting the Admission Policy criteria. The waiting list is generated each academic year and is not carried over from one academic year to the next. This policy gives equal opportunity to all parishioners...

Although Saint Henry School attempts to meet the needs of its students, it is not equipped to serve students with severe learning disabilities. Parents are asked to supply all pertinent information having impact on the school's ability to provide for the child's needs. Special academic and/or psychological evaluation may be required.

All admissions are subject to the approval of the Principal and are based on such criteria as:


  • Active/contributing parish membership

  • School records

    - Academic
    - Psychological
    - Attendance
    - Conduct


  • Reason (when applicable) for not previously attending Saint Henry School

  • Predetermined class size.

Incoming students in grades 1-8 and parents of these students will be required to schedule a conference with the Principal prior to final acceptance and admission. The student will also be asked to spend the day in the classroom at Saint Henry School. Kindergarten students who transfer to Saint Henry School during the school year will follow the same procedure.

State law mandates that children who reach the age of five years by August 31 may be admitted to a kindergarten program for the 2013-2014 school year. Children who reach the age of five years by August 15 may be admitted to a kindergarten program for the 2014-2015 school year.  Readiness testing is used to determine the developmentally appropriate placement in the kindergarten program.

The admissions policy for Saint Henry School adheres to the laws of the State of Tennessee and the Department of Catholic Education, which determines the age for admittance as well as health and academic records required for admittance.


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Financial aid is available to all Saint Henry School families. Applications can be filed through TADS webpage at  After you have completed your taxes for the previous year you may then apply on line. Notice of aid and the amount received will be sent to the applicant after acceptance. This usually occurs in May.


Saint Henry School admits students of any race, color, sex, and national origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin in the administration of educational policies, admission policies, loan programs, athletic, or other school administered programs.  This policy does not preclude the ability of the school to undertake and/or enforce appropriate actions with respect to students who advocate on school property or at school functions any practices or doctrines, which are inconsistent with religious tenets of the Catholic faith.


As part of Saint Henry School's Tuition Policy and Schedule, we initiated the "Card System."  Almost all diocesan schools are presently using a "Card System."  This system can be very effective for the viability of our mission and management of the school. The card system is used by Catholic families who wish to qualify for the reduced tuition rate.

What is a "Card System?"
By definition, the card system is an administrative procedure to ensure that our students and parents understand their responsibility to be active in their Parish. The card system requires that each family complete a card pledging to comply with simple, yet very important, expectations:


  • To attend Mass faithfully in their Parish.

  • To actively support their Parish community to the best of their ability.

  • To use their Parish envelope system on a regular basis.  

The Subsidy card must be signed by your Pastor, or delegate. The completed and signed card qualifies the family for the Participating/Contributing Tuition Rate. This procedure is required each year for the upcoming academic year for both new families and families currently enrolled.

Without the card signed and returned, the family will be charged according to the non-participating tuition rate. The signed subsidy card also verifies the family's parish membership and support of the Parish/School by participation in their activities.

The subsidy card should be filled out, signed and delivered to the parish office at the same time as you register your children for school. Signed cards will be sent to the school office. If there are any questions with your subsidy, you will be contacted by the Subsidy Review Committee.

If you are a member of another parish, please have your pastor sign your card and then bring it to the St. Henry Parish Office or the school office as soon as possible.

If you are a NEW MEMBER OF ST. HENRY PARISH or just moving into this area, please register at the Church office (fill out a census card available in the Parish Office) and have your previous pastor write a letter of introduction stating that you were an active/contributing member of the Parish. This letter should be addressed to Sister Ann Hyacinth, O.P., Principal, or Rev. Mark Beckman, Pastor.


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REGISTRATION FEE - There is a $75.00 registration fee per family.



Saint Henry School invites all families interested in enrolling their children for the 2017-2018 school year to tour our school and learn about the opportunities our curriculum offers your child.  Learn about our faith filled Catholic elementary school committed to prayer, academic integrity, and service to others.  Visit us at for more information.  Saint Henry School is located at 6401 Harding Pike in Nashville.

Tours are available daily.  Appointments are encouraged - Please call Denise Thomas
at (615) 352-1328. 




As a parish school, we have a vital relationship with Saint Henry Parish. The school exists as a ministry of the Parish – we would not be here without the church. Parish financial support of the school represents 14% of the school budget. Families that participate in parish life receive a reduced tuition rate. Tuition rates are approved by the finance committee in February.

K - 8th grade      

TUITION SCHEDULE (includes all Books and Fees)

# of Children 2017-2018 Tuition 2016-2017 Tuition    
One (1) Child $  6,410.00 $  6,163.00    
Two (2) Children $11,673.00 $11,224.00    
Three (3) Children $16,317.00 $15,689.00    
Four (4) Children $20,386.00 $19,602.00    
Five (5) Children $20,490.00 $19,702.00    
Non-Participating $  7,665.00 per student $  7,370.00 per student    
One (1) Child $ 6,410.00
(5-day Program)
One (1) Child $  $3,846.00 (M/W/F)      
One (1) Child $  $2,564.00


There is no multiple family tuition break in Pre-Kindergarten
for having siblings enrolled at Saint Henry School in grades K-8.

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