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On Friday, May 1st, 2015 members of the SHS Class of 1965 were welcomed by Sister Ann Hyacinth, Principal, to the school as they kicked off the celebration of their 50th Reunion. The members of this class have the distinction of being first graders when the school initially opened in 1956 a year before the church was completed. The alumni were treated to a lunch of spaghetti and famous SHS rolls which was followed by a visit to the Spirit Store and a tour of the school and church conducted by current 8th graders Ava Durelli and Felix Wilson. As the toured continued they reminisced about former teachers, classmates and special events like First Communion, Confirmation, Vocation Day and Graduation.

The festivities continued that evening with a SHS Trivia Night at Jackalope Brewery followed by dinner at Urban Grub Restaurant. The Class of 1965 concluded their reunion on Saturday evening at Jimmy and Sarah Wilson’s home Oak Hall for a country supper and a memorial service for their five deceased classmates conducted by fellow class members, Deacons Jim Holzmer and Joe Holzmer. In all, 24 of 32 students in the 1965 graduation photo attended one or more of the reunion functions. The SHS Class of 1965 also presented Sister with a class gift to purchase a statue for the school courtyard in honor of Pastor Father Seiner and Principal Sister Jane Dominic who served at Saint Henry’s during their eight years as students.


In September the St. Henry Class of ’67 celebrated their 40th reunion at Richmeade Condominium Clubhouse. Alumni traveled from as far away as Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Alabama and Georgia to see their former classmates. Most of their time was spent reminiscing about their grade school days at SHS, and catching up on the last forty years. A barbecue dinner catered by Nick’s barbecue was enjoyed by all. Desserts were catered by City Limits. Everyone agreed that they had more fun than they had ever expected. Rita Dobbs Johnson made a beautiful memorial to the four deceased classmates, Terry O’Rourke, Kenny Swider, Steve Komisky, Scott Bauman. Three of the present SHS faculty members were in that class. Mrs. Forte, Mrs. Braniff and Mrs. Whitley were classmates in the Class of ’67.




CLASS OF 1985 Goes Back to the Future

It was 1985 – the year “Back to the Future” and “Born in the U.S.A.” topped their respective charts. We were about to graduate from eighth grade and (we thought) we ruled the school. It was cool to wear a Father Ryan jacket, even if we were going to a different high school in the fall. Our class trip was to Sea World, Epcot, Disney World and Cape Canaveral (an itinerary over which most classes would salivate). And at graduation, we sang “We Are the World” – maybe a tad bit narcissistic, but, according to our graduation booklet’s “Last Will and Testament” section, many of us believed were destined to live the glamorous life.

Thirty years later, on May 30, 2015, about a third of the class met at Becka Hill Rosenblatt’s house to reminisce, see how our present lives matched up to our last will and testament wishes, and to do a little (upright) breakdancing. We were thrilled to have some of our SHS teachers join us, too, including: Carol Topley (5th grade); Terri Griffith and Tillie Moore (6th grade); Jim Griffith (8th grade) and his wife, Gina (we missed having her for 3rd grade); and Mary Ann Ward (phys. ed.). People came from as far north as Minneapolis and as far south as Miami, and it was all thanks to an idea hatched by classmates, Donna Walker Olson, Hugh Nash and Asher Levine. We toasted to those who couldn’t make it, remembered those who we’ve lost too soon and had Sister Mary Cecilia (Ellie) Goodrum lead a prayer for us all. And even though things may not have turned out the way we expected them to as we lined up on the church steps to take our graduation class photo and dream of what was to come, it’s still heartwarming to know the experiences we shared as classmates back then created a bond that lasts to this day. We’re still so proud to be Saint Henry Tigers.

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